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Product description:

Anti-Fog lens Microfiber Cloth. Reusable. 1 Piece.


Stored in out of reach of children. In order to extend the service life products,
store it in the original plastic bag timely after using.
Guardar fuera del alcance de los niños. Para prolongar la vida útil del paño,
guárdelos en la bolsa de plástico original oportunamente después de usar.

Anti-fog lens cloth with leading technology. Contains special molecules to
prevent lens moisture.
Paño para lentes anti-niebla con tecnología líder, contiene moléculas especiales
para evitar la humedad en las lentes.

Maintain lens surface clean in order to obtain the best performance
Mantenga limpia la superficie de la lente para obtener el mejor rendimiento
1. Breath in both sides of the lens
Exhale en ambos lados de la lente
2. Wipe the whole area of fog surface for 10 seconds
Limpie toda el área de la superficie de niebla durante 10 segundos
3. After use, keep the anti-fog cloth stored in the bag in order to reuse
Después de su uso, mantenga el paño anti-niebla almacenado en la bolsa
para poder reutilizarlo.
4. If needed, repeat steps 1 and 2
Si es necesario, repita los pasos 1 y 2

1. Applies to all types of lenses with or without treatment layers
Aplica su uso a todo tipo de lentes con o sin capas de tratamiento
2. Best results. Clean, no fog.
Mejores resultados. Limpio, sin niebla.
3. Non-flammable, non-toxic
No inflamable, no tóxico

Test Requested
California Proposition 65 Toxicological Risk Assessment

According to the Toxicological Risk Assessment Report “Proposition 65 Toxological Rush Assessment (TRA) of Anti Fog Cloth”. the assessed product is not subjected to warning label requirement and exposure will not result in increased risk of adverse health effects

Comments: The California Proposition 65 Toxicological Risk Assessment was conducted by ToxServices LLC on behalf of SGS. The material composition is poly 70% + nylon 30%

*This product does not have hazardous materials

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