About Us

OptiUSA Corp. is a vibrant company with extensive experience in optical products with a perfect relationship between price and quality. This makes our brands highly reliable and aesthetically perfect.

Our brands Maxima, Razzi and Frame Care are offered in many different countries with headquarters in the United States. This allows our products to have a great entry into these markets.

OptiUSA manufactures its own glasses. We have an office in China and monitor the quality of our products ourselves so we can guarantee 100% quality and service.

OptiUSA provides you status and recognition in the market. We offer private labels which puts at reach the option of a private collection and exclusivity. With countless advantages for your business it will allow you to own a brand that will be accredited as unique and will be enormously profitable. Exclusivity does not have competition.

The objective of OptiUSA is to expand into the American market We are actively participating in major U.S. trade shows and investing in display advertising and internet.

The OptiUSA Corp website was designed to be Web friendly, simple and highly reliable in terms of data security.

Our Warehouse in Miami is spacious so products are classified, stored and shipped directly to the customer.