Structure  : 
Not defined
Material  : 
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Gender  : 
Not defined
Frame Finish  : 
Not defined
Hinge  : 
Not defined
Lens Size  : 
Bridge Size  : 
Temple Size  : 
Lens Height  : 
Frame Width  : 

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Product description:

OPTI+ Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses are a smart investment for anyone who
spends many hours in front of the screen. Not only can they improve comfort and eye health, but they can also improve performance and gaming experience.

-The gaming experience by reducing visual fatigue and eye strain.
-They are designed with special lenses that filter blue light and reduce glare, which can help prevent headaches, dry eyes, and eye fatigue.
-Improves the clarity and contrast of images on the screen, which can allow gamers to spot important details and make faster, more accurate decisions.
-They can help reduce neck and shoulder strain by improving head and neck posture and ergonomics.

Light conditions: Low light
Contast: Increased
Base lens color: Amber
Lens material: Polycarbonate
Hard coating lens
Blue light cut lens
AR Coating
UV400 Coating

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