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Auto Lensmeter LM-300 OPTI+

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Product description:

Auto Lensmeter LM-300

-Delicate & modern products appearance and moulding with simple design
-Rotatable 7 inch colorful big touch screen
-Simple & convenient operation interface, brand-new human-machine interaction
-Using hartmann multipoint area measurement method to measure the progressive lens rapidly and accurately
-No need for ABBE constant, Operation more convenient and measurement more accurate
-Based on extensible integrated high-speed processing system
-Support for ultra-low transmittance and low dispersion lens

-The upper limit of a prism is as high as 20 delta
-Automatic identification of lens type
-Support for PD,PH, UV measurement result printout 1.3

Working environment
The instrument should be installed and used under the below conditions.
-Environment temperature: +5'C- +40'C
-Environment humidity: 30%-85%
-Barometric pressure: 700hPa -1060hPa
-In a clean, unlit room
-The place there is no vibration or collision

-Measurable lens center thickness:20mm
-Lens PD measurement scope: 40mm-82mm step 0.25mm
-Lens PH diff er enc e6 PH measurement scope: 0mm-50mm, step0.25mm
-Measurable lens frame leg length: 0mm-160mm
-Measurable anti-uv transmittance rate : 0-100% step 1%
-Main engine power supply: direct current12V, 45W
-Power adapter: input AC 100V-240V, 50HZ-60HZ; output AC 100V-240V, 50HZ-60HZ
-Body size: 315*192*212mm
-Weight :4.3 Kg
-Screen: 800x480 color screen, full screen touchable
-Printer:thermal printing, printing paper width 57mm
-External connector; power connector ,usb connector

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