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R 30nykto Vision Tester

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R 30nykto Vision Tester

Today a significant sight quality is evidently important to practice all tasks of the daily life. Increased vision requirements for everybody have guided us to a modern instrument that is able to cover almost all possible test environments to check the eye quickly and dependably.

The Rodenstock ”R 30nykto” is a modern fully developed product, which has been produced and tested according to strict quality criteria. It is lightweight and can be moved easily to the point of use. The external pad makes it independent from any cable thanks to wireless connection. Graded contrast-sensitive tests do allow a quick and significant screening– in combination with the integrated light source, glare-tests will be performed easily.

The “R 30nykto” is the combination of the famous Rodenstock visiontester portfolio, but now combined in one sophisticated instrument.

-General acuity test (according DIN 58220 part 5)
-Driving tests (according DIN 58220 part 6)
-Contrast sensitive test with / without glare
(according DIN 58220 part 7)
-Driving and work-station test (according G 25)
-Computer work-station test (according G 27)
-Pilot class II (according JAR)


Testing distance 33 cm, 40 cm, 57 cm,
100 cm, unlimited

Test field size 5°
Test field brightness photopic 120 cd/m

Test field brightness
mesopic without any glare 0.032 cd/m

Test field brightness
mesopic with glare 0.1 cd/m

Protection level EMVG / DIN EN 60601-1

Protection class MPG 1

Dimensions WDH approx. 265 x 330 x 460 mm

Weight approx. 9.8 kg

Voltage 230 V

Frequency 50/60 Hz

Rated input voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption 40 VA

Glare illuminance 0.35 lx

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