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CV 1000P Polarised Chart Panel

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CV 1000P Polarised Chart Panel

High quality LCD 24 / 60.96 cm
Special test sequence (MKH)
Extensive polarising test chart selection
Multilingual user interface
Colour vision test chart
Printable test reports
Programmable display sequences
Multi media tool

The Rodenstock chart panels offer the entire tests for refraction, starting from standard optotypes followed by special tests for driving license, colour vision, contrast sensitivity or polarising tests. Of course all charts, necessary for conventional refraction, are already pre-programmed. For patient education you can show and create various pictures and animations. The test report function allows to generate and print individual reports. Choose your individual monitor up to your needs!

When it comes to correction of associated Heterophoria the CV 1000P provides the complete and most reliable standard of a chart displaying monitor – not even because
of its brilliant separation for right and left eye.
The linear polarising technique offers best results and performance for binocular correction and fullfills all essential

High-quality all-rounder
Extensive polarising test chart selection
Integrated PC
Direct or mirrored display
Special test sequences (MKH)
Adequate large test field frame for non fixation impulse (optional)
Tests presented with sufficient contrast

iPad App
You want to control your chart panel via iPad?
The App „Chart Max“ works with:
CV 900
CV 700P
CV 1000P
Use the Chart Max to control your Rodenstock
chart panel via wireless network. The App works
as an easy to use remote control with full functionality, live image of displayed optotypes and
reading test samples.

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